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Andor: The Eldarian Exile

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Long time no chat. I suppose I will just dive right into the update.

Things have been progressing on our end, but not as quickly as we would like. Such is life for game development I suppose. Real life finds a way to fill up your schedule with all sorts of things that take you away from a passionate hobby. Have no fear though, we HAVE made lots of progress on Andor Reborn, and something else as well.

You may have noticed we recently changed the Andor Logo. In case you missed it – here it is:

At first glance you might think, oh it’s the next thing after Reborn. In all actuality it is not the next thing, but a new thing, in addition to Andor Reborn. An expansion server.

Crash called it a day or two ago, and fortunately no one carried on with it. We really wanted it to be a surprise.

We’ve made something new.

Something for now.

The creators of Andor, bring you a new adventure: “Andor, the Eldarian Exile“. Long ago the Eldarian Elves transported the eternal city of Elendar to a far off land, as yet to be explored, to keep treasures and secrets hidden from unknown enemies.

Will you venture forth with us to unknown lands?

Will you settle in a new world with the Eldar?

Why did we make this?

Good question. A couple reasons. We wanted something for the Andor community to play while we finish Andor Reborn, that is fully part of the Andor Universe, continues the story, and opens up new types of content and play. We (the staff) also want to play alongside you. It’s important for us to enjoy playing Minecraft, and we want to join you as players when we’re not working on Reborn.

Does this server replace Andor Reborn?

No, it doesn’t. It’s a secondary server, with a very different play style. It will live alongside Andor Reborn and be an alternative way to play in the Andor Universe.

What can I expect with this new server?

The Eldar have teleported their eternal city to this new land, held in place, above the sea, by ancient thaumic magics. This is a hub of commerce, magics, quests, and more. The rest of the world is unexplored and unknown to all. It is procedurally generated Biomes O Plenty, set to small biomes and continents. Even we don’t know what the world under Elendar looks like.

We want to play as players right alongside you. Our server is linked with Discord. All moderation and staffing is handled strictly inside Discord. Everyone on the server are players. Staff have limited powers outside of the game. As before if you get stuck, you will have to kill yourself, staff won’t help. If you lose your items, again, the staff won’t help. We are utilizing an honor system for builds, there is no Towny. There is only a trade based economy, no in-game currency.

The server is whitelisted. We are selecting for the best players. The most creative, adventurous, and kind to play alongside you all.

What mods are included? Which Minecraft version?

It’s built on Minecraft 1.12.2

Our primary content mod Thaumcraft is back, but now in version 6, which has changed things quite a bit. Be prepared to dive into a whole new magical world.

Mod Spotlights:

For thousands of years, Dragons have roamed these new unexplored lands. They are not simple menaces or monsters, but the primary cause of loss of life. Only a brave few can slay a dragon. Even fewer can tame one.

What the Eldarian elves know so far: There are two types of dragons in the world, Ice and Fire. Fire dragons roam the most habitable world, while Ice dragons inhabit the coldest places known to man and freeze their pray to death. Additional sitings include Hippogryphs, Pixies, Sirens, and Trolls, but beware, that may not be all that lurks in the dark corners of this new land.

Mod Spotlights:

The Eldar have discovered a vast new magic in this new world which harnesses the power of the constellations! Focus starlight to your will, strengthen yourself and enhance the world around you. Nothing is known or written about this new system of magic, other than the Astral Journal.

Mod Spotlights:

Choose from 5 distinct races and your gender in each race, Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Dragonkin (Kull). The new races mod allows you to customize your character models size, shape, and special features like horns, beards, and ears.

A new world contains new challenges! Even under water. Catch over 30 new fish with a brand new series of rods and tools. Each biome has new types of fish with randomized weights that can be turned into fish filets and food, as well as shiny new loot you can catch while fishing!

Mod Spotlight:

As always, there is a bountiful harvest to be cultivated. Much like the Realm of Andor, there is no end to the things you can farm, cook, and cultivate. Pam’s Harvestcraft is an essential Andor mod, and this world wouldn’t be complete without it.

Mod Spotlight:

Given that little is known about the new world we find ourselves in, the Eldar have brought a small contingent of knowledgeable Dwarves along. These stout men and women have graciously shared their knowledge of flying machines with us. Learn how to build flyable airships that can keep you safe in your travels across this new world.

And prepare you for even grander airships coming to Andor Reborn.

Mod Spotlight:

Roguelike Dungeons are back and raidy for raiding. These come in different forms, not just the simple towers you may be used to. Don’t get too comfortable in that house you happened on.

Mod Spotlight:

Additional mods included in this server pack:

  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Dark Roleplay
  • Placeable Items
  • Secret Rooms Mod
  • Astikor Carts
  • Streams
  • Waystones
  • Antique Atlas
  • Bibliocraft
  • P13xStairs Mod

Whitelist? Honor Code?

Yea. Think of this server much more like a club, than an open playable game you own. Because there are no protections, this means we’ll be extra crazy strict on kicking people who break not only the rules, but the honor code. What’s the honor code? Solvor wrote it.

Andor: Eldarian Exile – Honor system

  • Respect others. – Settlements and belongings included!
  • Respect the world. Clean up after yourself.
  • Be kind!

When do we get to play on this new server?

The best part. THIS FRIDAY! Yep, we will publish this server live this Friday in time for the weekend.

What about Andor Reborn?

Andor Reborn is still in active development and will continue to be. It is an epic project that still has a bit farther to go. It’s much more like a marathon than a sprint. Actually like a bunch of sprints together with breaks in-between, the length of a marathon. We have an extremely loyal player base and we want to spend time playing Minecraft with you all. Bodhwell and I basically spent a 4 day weekend putting together this new world to explore for everyone. It is going to be a different experience than the Andor you know, and I will get into the details of that later in this post.

For now, just know, that Andor Reborn is moving forward and we will deliver it.

Why isn’t Andor 1.0 live still?

Realistically, Andor 1.0 was really our open Beta. We learned a lot from it. Namely that a fully curated, hand crafted experience was something people really wanted. We’ve taken our bundle of learnings and have applied them to the work we’re doing now on Andor Reborn, but at this time we don’t have the energy to do that AND also monitor and fix our 1.0 beta.

What progress has been made on Andor Reborn?

Lots. But I understand, show it or it didn’t happen. Ok sure. I’m going to show you some previews of the progress we’ve been making. I’m not going to get too involved in sharing details, however.

A quick reminder on what the new world looks like:

First stop is the new “Nimbal Grove” spawn area that Bodhwell has been laboring away to develop. It’s an entirely new experience that leads to the brand new Nexus Metropolis, but I won’t spoil it for you.

We’ve added the dwarven city of NorthenHammer. Here the dwarves toil away delving deep into the world, seeking treasures and power.

The new nation of Asjator has been fully completed by Solvor, with NPCs, quests, and more.

The Elves of Narquel have built the Temple of Tempestus, headquarters for the Paladins.

PauloBig & DredScotty have been very productive in building the biggest new city on Andor, Regents Watch, Trinimarr’s capital.

DredScotty has designed and built profession building hubs for every single one of our professions, all of which are placed into the world of Andor, in secret to be discovered locations.

DredScotty has started to help us define the new styles for the Dark Lands expansion to Andor Reborn, which will come out after we launch.

DredScotty has also quickly become our dungeon master. He has designed some of the most incredible dungeons for Andor, which will sure to keep you busy raiding for months.

DredScotty has even handcrafted an entire zone in Andor called Eastern Hills. Replete with dungeons, encounters, and many more adventures.

It’s a tiny taste, but ALL of this should hopefully convince you that amazing progress is being made. I want to specially call out Solvor, Dred, Paulobig, and Bodhwell for the hard work they’ve put in towards making Andor Reborn as amazing as it currently is, and for the work they do behind the scenes to help moderate and keep things running smoothly.

When will it be complete?

The short answer is, we don’t know. We’re taking the time it needs to get done, and also our day jobs. That’s about the best and only answer we’ve got for you. But you don’t have to wait to enjoy some of what Andor has to offer!

In closing

On behalf of the Andor staff, we’re excited to play on this new world with you, and thank you for your patience with us sticking around this entire time. Have a great week! If you have questions after reading this, please head to discord and we will do our best to answer.

Kind Regards,


Update on Andor

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Hey Andor!

I trust you’re all doing well. I wanted to take a moment to write and let you know what’s happening on our end. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. You may have noticed we’re (Bodhwell & I) not on as much as we used to be. That is not because we’re not working on Andor. We definitely are. We’re all heads down on Andor 2.0.

What is Andor 2.0? Why aren’t you on the server if you’re working on it? When can we expect to see Andor 2.0? What’s wrong with the current Andor, will you make any changes to 1.0? What major changes should we all expect?  All good questions which I will try to answer in this post. So lets start with the top.

What is Andor 2.0?

Andor 2.0 is a large reformatting of Andor. Really though, we’ve always considered Andor to be in Beta. Moving to 2.0 is really moving to LIVE. We’re considering the world to be complete. We will not be adding much by the way of new mods or anything else once it goes live. Just content in the form of quests, NPCs, Bosses, rewards, and that’s it. The map itself is mostly the same, although there are some major adjustments to mature it. We’ve gone back in and finished a bunch of the stuff we were too exhausted to do when we first launched Andor about 6 months ago. I’m not going to do a deep dive into all the individual things we’re updating and changing but will do that in subsequent posts. Here’s the list of topics I will cover in future posts:

  • Professions and Ranks
  • Organizations
  • Classes and class restrictions
  • Races and Racial Starting Hubs
  • Lore, Transmog/Cosmetics, and Chat
  • Map Changes & Nations
  • Ships & New Realms
  • The new Wiki site
  • Role Play

Here’s a little sneak peak at the new Andor 2.0 map

Yep… More water. More distinct continents. These changes are mostly complete already on our test realm. See, I told you that we’re doing stuff.

Why aren’t you on the server if you’re working on it?

It is a lot of work to make major updates to Andor. We don’t  have quite enough time to be on the live server and make all the changes to the new upcoming realm. We took the things we built on the live server from Narquelion, Drakenshire, Wanderlust, Athene’s Rest, Eldar and merged them with the pristine realm. The pristine realm was Andor before anyone played on it. Yep. A full and complete reset. That was a lot of work but reminded us how beautiful Andor used to be. We do Andor in our spare time as a labor of love. So even though you don’t see us as often, we still here working hard on delivering you the final iteration of Andor.

When can we expect to see Andor 2.0?

You didn’t actually think I was going to answer this one did you 😉  It will be done when it’s done. We’re making daily progress on it though. I will say this, once we feel it’s together enough, all current Maesters and above will be invited to help us test out the realm in private. So make sure you’re a positive influence and get promoted!

What’s wrong with the current Andor, will you make any changes to 1.0?

Nothing is wrong with Andor 1.0. We’ve had almost 15,000 unique downloads, almost 50,000 installs, and plays, and now up to 31 likes. But more importantly, we have a thriving community which is what matters most to us. You guys make the game. Andor has already surpassed Bodhwell and I’s wildest expectations success wise. We’ve met some incredible people we now consider to be IRL friends. We even have our own MEMES. Fets Manog anyone? NAN?

In order to deliver Andor 2.0 to you more quickly, we’ve decided to halt progress or updates to 1.0 for now. We’re still around, in discord, and will help you out when you have issues. But our focus is entirely on getting Andor 2.0 ready.

What major changes should we all expect?

I’m going to drop some bombs here. You may not like them at first but I want you to keep in mind that we have always said, Andor isn’t for everyone and that we’re ok if it is not for you. We’re black licorice, not vanilla ice cream. Meaning we’re a very specific thing, delivering on a specific promise for RP lovers. We’re not the server for everyone who just loves Minecraft. I always want to remind you that the journey is what matters. Enjoy playing on the server today. Immerse yourself in building and creation, in RP and community building in your towns. That’s what matters.

When we launch Andor 2.0, we will be resetting the entire server to new. That is right, everyone starts over. I know that seems really extreme, but due to the nature of the things we’re doing with classes, races, and professions, we need to start with a fresh slate. We always said we would do a server restart roughly 6-7 months into beta. Well, we’re right on track. Does this mean you will lose your stuff? Yes. Does this mean you will start from scratch? Thaumcraft progress and all? Yes. WTFOMGIMDYING.  Yes I understand. It is for the best. There will be new things to understand about what mages can wear or not wear. Archers may be the only ones who get access to advanced bows. Tanks may be the only ones able to wear thaumium fortress armor. There are lots of serious changes to gameplay happening and everyone will need to relearn how to play Andor.

That leads me to my last bombshell. The overworld itself will be in a non-breakable state unless you claim a town. That’s right, no one will be able to break blocks outside a claim. Anywhere. Certain blocks yes, but mostly no. Why? WTF? Well, we think that the noob poles which litter the countryside are really really unimmersive and have besmirched the entire landscape. It’s obscene. We think Andor in its natural state is beautiful and the reality is, players, play for a couple months and then mostly go. Or they come on for a couple days, build noob poles all over and then leave. This makes it bad for the dedicated players. Towny is awesome in that it keeps you protected and then reverts anything you did, back to its natural state when you leave so the next player can come and experience that sense of awe at that perfect location. We will be drastically lowering the cost of buying a town and a nation, but seriously increase the cost of buying additional plots and outposts. Meaning we want you to make towns and nations easily, but expansion requires population growth.

Wrapping Up

I hope this gives you some insight into our thinking and progress. I know some of it is pretty controversial. While we will not change the decisions we’ve made, we are open to discussing them with you on Discord. So if you have questions or thoughts or whatever speak up. Just keep it respectful, please.

We’re excited about Andor’s future and I am excited to get into the deep dives in future posts.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


Touch Base: Where we are, where we’re going

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Hey Andor!

Been a while since we’ve done an update. [Prepare WALL O TEXT inbound] Things seem to be going pretty crazy with how much new player traffic we’ve been receiving on a daily basis. We’re honored to have so many new players trying out Andor. There have been some very welcome new (and hopefully long term) player additions in recent weeks. Both Bodhwell and I are really enthusiastic.

We’ve come a long way!

We’ve made quite a few broad and small changes since the last post. I’m going to just run through some of the highlights of the things our team has accomplished just the past 5 WEEKS:

  • We expanded the modpack to include Immersive Engineering
  • We opened the portal to the TERRA dimension and constructed the Eldar platform which will house the other remaining 5 realms.
  • We added McMMO to the mod pack to give it a better sense of progression and some added bonus abilities.
  • We expanded the modpack to include The Witchery
  • We expanded the modpack to include Agricraft
  • We expanded the modpack to include Thaumic Tinkerer
  • We added a working portcullis and drawbridge plugin
  • We announced the new class and order system and showed teasers.
  • We fleshed out the rest of the Andor Map
  • We wrote a TON of lore and background information on Andor (World building ahoy!)
  • We added the Brewery plugin so everyone can craft interesting brews, plus 47 different recipes (many yet to be revealed)
  • We added Fairy Lights & Ye Gamol Chattels
  • We completed and launched a comprehensive 16 part new player quest line that takes place in the small Narquelion town of Drakenshire which we think has been helping players get their bearings.
  • We wrote a massive new player book of guidelines, rules, and everything you need to know that’s now given to every player.
  • We opened the remaining few districts of the Red City which contains a number of things for purchase.
  • We added a few different NPC vendors around Andor which sell interesting bits and bobs.
  • We brought on 4 new staff members! (Kall, Cave, Mike4160, and Paulobig)
  • We reformatted the staff ranks to be more RP immersive (Maesters, GrandMaesters, Archmaesters, and Senschals) (A direct rip from GoT) (We’re shameless and we don’t care.)
  • We’ve added a few new rules… and a new dedicated rules page on the website… RIP ye lost souls touched by the Banhammer
  • Countless other hours spent tweaking, refining, working with existing players to make sure everyone’s having the best time (special thanks to Solvor).
  • Countless bug fixes, patches, and adjustments to make a more stable experience for everyone. (The last 2 weeks, in particular, have been much better).
  • And much more…

All in all, it’s been a ton of fun, but a lot of work. We’re happy we could and can work on Andor and we hope you all continue to enjoy it. I love that everyone is active on the forums and participates in our Discord server.

Bodhwell and I both want to address an issue that I suppose comes with an open server and some popularity, which is the wane in how much immersive RP there has been. We built Andor with the intention of crafting an immersive role playing experience in a fantasy world. We love Minecraft. We love role playing. We love the fantasy genre. Playing on a public server always seemed good, but ended up being unpredictable. We wanted to build the world and bring people into it who care about craft and want to immerse themselves in a character.

We feel that while we’ve had many awesome additions to the server, many players get on and don’t have RP in mind or a character they want to play that adds interest, immersion, and color to Andor. We’re working on ways to figure out how to drive Andor back towards that beginning definition of the world we wanted to play in ourselves. We know we make unpopular decisions, and while we know that can be disappointing, we would rather disappoint a few than regret not realising the world we initially envisioned. We haven’t figured out exactly what we’re going to do yet, but that’s what I want to cover in the rest of this post.

What do we mean more RP and more immersive? What changes?

Definitely, all valid questions and the reality is that we just don’t know exactly what we want to do yet. ALL options are on the table. I would say on the extreme end of available options, we would put up a total whitelist and require everyone to go to the forum to apply, by filling out a character sheet. Yes, this would mean fewer players, but we are all for quality over quantity. We’ve said it from the beginning, Andor isn’t for everyone and we’re ok with that. We’d rather have 10 awesome players that really add to the world than 100 and a lot of noise that doesn’t fit our vision. But that is just ONE option. There are many.

I want to talk about the things we are most definitely planning to do, which we think will really address and aid in making Andor more and more immersive. I will caveat that these are “plans” and we don’t know when or how they will launch or even if they will. Sometimes we try things and they just don’t work out. However, I think (if you’re looking above at the progress we’ve made in the last month) we have a track record for releasing lots of awesomeness. We all do this in our spare time fueled by pure passion, so it doesn’t always move as fast as we’d all like.

So the good stuffs:

What are we working on now? What are we planning? Why are we planning these things? I will go into each new thing that we’re working on or considering adding to Andor.

The Lore Mod – We’re getting really close to releasing the Lore Mod. Bodhwell has been working on customizing this for quite some time. He built a special model and named the book “The Mysterium Lexicon”. Pay special attention to the book itself, which has the logo of Andor on it! SO COOL! Why this? Well we want Andor to feel real to our players. Something they can immerse themselves in. We think getting a page of lore with text about a monster they just defeated or a page about the High Kings of Narquelion helps realize that vision.

Armorer’s Workshop – This will be a staff only mod on Andor. (I know, total bummer) BUT, we want to start adding custom items and things to the world that are unique to Andor. We will, however, run contests on our forum for things you craft in solo player worlds and will take the best of the things we see on there and put them into the game. We think this mod will really help us bring some unique and cool items and gear which will help with immersion and RP.

Floptowns – We’re currently building two flop towns (one in Narquelion called Wanderlust, one elsewhere) that will have plenty of housing for players to go and claim a plot for their own. These will be NPC run towns and each plot will have a certain amount of rent each day. If you don’t log in after a week, it will boot the resident. You won’t be able to build in these homes, but they will give you access to more advanced stuff and keep your stuff safe. These should give more opportunities to players who just want to get oriented or explore.

Tabbychat – We’re going to configure and create a tabbed chat experience with “RP chat” channels prebuilt. This will allow you to tab into a channel and only see what’s said in that channel, while removing all the noise from the “everything firehose”. I am particularly excited about this.

More Mounts & Pets – We’re currently considering everything from Choco’s to Dragons you can train and fly around. If you have ideas for mounts and pets, head to the forum to post your favorite mod!

Removing NEI as a standard server mod – and replacing it with Guidebook. This has been a huge sticking point for us. We think it takes all the fun and magic out of the world when you just get a huge block of everything that exists. We will have a guide for installing NEI client side if you just can’t live without it, and we think that is totally ok. But we are replacing it on Andor. It is just not immersive enough.

Lore & World Building WIKI – We’ve been super busy writing a ton of lore and world building content which we are in the process of adding to an official wiki that will launch sometime in the next month or so. The wiki will cover the races, classes, realms, nature, creatures, history, locations, magics, politics, and much more!

Classes & Races – We will be adding in the classes and races plugin to Andor. This will bring some VERY immersive elements into the world, in many cases altering the very stats you have as a player. If you choose ORC, you may get 15 hearts of natural health, but move a bit slower and need more food. If you’re an ELF perhaps you move a little faster and need less food. There are lots of options and exciting things to explore. Game balance will be a kerfuffle I am certain, but so it is for all games.

The classes we’ve currently outlined are:

  • Maester – The caretakers/culture keepers of Andor
  • Paladin – A tanky warrior for the light of ANDOR!
  • Sorcerer – A thaumic mage and magic weilder
  • Witch – Delving deep and dark into the natural magics
  • Builder – Master designers and world builders.
  • Engineer – Redstone is your mistress.
  • Grower – You get excited when they show the Shire scenes in LOTR. You have a knack for all things green.
  • Tradesman – Covers a wide variety of trades, but you’re master class and no one does it better than you.
  • Pirate – You live to plunder the high seas! Yarrrr
  • Privateer – You live to plunder the wretched pirates and keep order.
  • Shadow – Thievery and assassination are the basics here.
  • Necromancer – You’re intent on becoming a Dark Lord.

These classes are organized into Orders:

  • The Order of ANDOR (Maesters & Paladins)
  • The Order of BUILDERS (Engineers & Builders)
  • The Order of SHADOW (Shadows & Necromancers)
  • The Order of MAGIC (Sorcerer’s & Witches)
  • The Order of EXPEDITION (Pirates & Privateers)
  • The Order of CREATION (Growers & Tradesman)

Races we’re currently considering (not a complete or final list):

  • Human (various types tbd)
  • Elf
    • High
    • Dark
    • Wood
  • Dwarf (Various types tbd)
  • Hafling
  • Gnome
  • Orc

Each class will have a guild hall or special unique place that is just for them. Currently, we’re working on how to set the system up so that the longer you stay in a chosen class (you can only have 1 active) the higher you get promoted. Each level will have unique and exciting benefits. Once you leave that class, you start at the beginning.

Movecraft –  Yea we need to test this, but it very likely we will bring it to Andor. I like this plugin a lot. The ships move slower and more intentionally but it opens up a LOT of compelling ideas and play. I will be testing this on the Sandbox realm to ensure it works properly before moving it onto live. We want to ensure that it doesn’t break the server or create a lot of lag. The one major caveat is that these ships you make CAN’T go over the world border. So if you build it, you run the risk of losing it, and in fine Andor fashion, staff will never replace it. This opens up some interesting and compelling options for the next features we’re working on.

More Realms! – We will be adding new realms to Andor. The three next big realms we’re going to add to Andor are the Aqua, Aer, and Dungeoning realms.

  • The Aqua Realm will be a world of oceans / some islands and interesting underwater structures full of treasures. Denizens will all spawn in a central large ship and will need to go off and build their own ships to scour the depths and fight on the high seas! TNT will be enabled as will all the parts of movecraft here (Torpedo’s anyone?)
  • The Aer realm will be a realm of cloud islands, pure air, and interesting floating structures with hidden treasures worth risking life and limb for. Denizens will all spawn in a central sky ship and need to build their own sky ships to fly off into the realm to discover these rare treasures.
  • The Dungeon realm will be a normal world that has tons of chocolate and roguelike dungeons for you to adventure in. Be forewarned though, there is no breaking or placing blocks! That’s right, you have to adventure and do dungeons the proper way.

More exciting places!  We will be building more and more parts of Andor to fill out content and create immersive quest lines over time. I think once the above items get into Andor, we will probably put a cap on adding to the modpack entirely and focus entirely on crafting more quests, content, and builds.


I hope this gives you an idea of where we’re going to take Andor in the next couple months. We hope this sounds exciting to you. We’re certainly excited for it. I can’t promise that all this will happen, and I have no idea when we will actually launch any of it, but we WILL get there. As always if you have questions, thoughts, comments please share them on our forum and discord channels.

Bodhwell & I want to give special thanks to all our staff members (Solvor, Kalleigh, Cave, Sapmagic, Drevarius, Mike4160, Paulobig, Mythsnow, and ALL the Maester Veterans of Andor) We couldn’t do this without you!

See you in Andor,

Anomaly 47 










Server Housekeeping Items

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Hey Andor,

We have a few adjustments we’re going to make to the way things work on the server. The two major areas are around in game chat and how we deal with in game issues. The changes we make will be added to the server rules list. Please try to do your best to follow these changes. They help us keep our sanity 😛 I say this a lot, and I am sure you’ve heard it but in case you haven’t: We know Andor isn’t for everyone, and that is totally OK with us. We’re not trying to be the server a thousand people like. We’re trying to be the server a few really love. If you ever find yourself at odds with the choices we make, we understand if you want to find something that better suits you. No hard feelings here.

In Game Chat Changes

Andor is an RP server at its heart. We want to ensure that we create the very best RP environment for our players. Immersion is important and so we think that there should be rules around how we as players chat in game. Mostly, we think there are things that really break immersion. Top of mind is a constant stream of out of character chat going on in global chat.

The biggest thing we’re going to implement is chat formatting. It goes like this:

  • If you’re chatting IN CHARACTER, you chat like normal.
  • If you’re chatting OUT OF CHARACTER you add two parenthesis in front of your text. E.g., ” (( Hey did you see the news today? “

This is a pretty simple change, and will help players know what is and is not role play. It is a little cumbersome. That is intentional and brings me to my second change.

  • Global Chat is not for long conversations anymore. It is a place to say hello, maybe ask a question, or find someone to RP with. The best place is local chat OR preferably in discord general chat for long conversations. We will add this as a Tier 3 rule, which will come with warnings, muting, and lead to bans.
    • Examples of things that are ok in global chat:
      • Saying welcome to new members
      • Asking a single question that can be resolved/followed up on in discord or by meeting up.
      • Looking for players to RP with
      • General coordination that leads toward next steps out of global chat.
    • Examples of things that are NOT ok in global chat:
      • Long conversations
      • Stuff that’s not related to Andor
      • Dialog between multiple players extending beyond 3-4 interaction lines.
      • Tech help or issues.

So what chat channels are there? What’s appropriate? In order to get into and out of a channel, simply type the commands below and press <enter> on the keyboard.

In Game Chat Channels

  • Global Chat (/g) – This is for server wide communication.  If you need to carry on a long conversation, do it in discord, or meet up with the player and do it in local chat. See above for what is ok in this channel.
  • Local Chat (/lc) – This is for your normal everyday conversations. It should be in character. This is a more lenient place for regular chat about whatever you want to chat about. Please use formatting (( when talking out of character. If you want to chat with someone, meet up with them at a local tavern. Go find a place to chat. Do not do it in global. Chat on discord, figure a spot to meet, and then go meet there.
  • Town Chat (/tc) – This is entirely up to your mayor to decide how to use this. But this would be a really good place to chat with your town mates.

Discord Chat Channels

  • General Chat – This is for general chat about anything under the sun within reason, related to Andor. Please do not spam this chat. But your out of character conversations are welcome here.
  • Denizens Chat –  This is ideally for in game / in character chat.
  • Trade Chat – This is for advertising whatever service you provide, stuff you sell, or whatever you’re offering.

This should give everyone a good primer for how to behave with chat. Everyone has about 48 hours to get used to the changes before the executors, arbitors, and tribunes to start enforcing this. We understand if this is somewhat difficult at first, but these are pretty main stream RP rules you’d find in many other games.

In Game Issues

This is a much more simple one. If you encounter a bug or a glitch, please go to our forum and file a ticket under the Ticket category. There is a “how to” post there with what you will need in your ticket post. Please do not ask in game for help. We will always follow up with you when you file a ticket, and the staff will only tell you to go file a ticket.

If you have general tech help questions, please use the Tech Help channel on discord. One of the staff will help you there. Please DO NOT use global chat to talk about issues you’re having. You will get a warning.

We’re hoping this creates a much more smooth in game and out of game process for both the players and the staff by setting proper expectations on how to get help and chat. If you want to discuss it further with us, hit us up in general chat.

Thanks for playing on Andor!


Major Towny Updates!

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Hey, denizens!

We’ve made some big changes to Towny tonight (very much thanks to Kalleigh6694 and Cave).

Safety & Protections 

The first thing we did was improve Towny’s protections to include Thaumcraft, Bibliocraft, CustomNPC items, and some of Pam’s items. Yes, ideally this means your items on that armor stand are now safe! We are still needing feedback on these new protections so let us know but I think this will help everyone be able to really utilize all of the mods’ items and feel safe doing so. If you lose something that should be protected, please make a ticket post on the forum.

New and Updated Ranks

We’ve updated and created some new ranks for you to assign town members. This is to help you manage the life of your town. We also improved how building happens inside your town. The new configs give every resident the right to complete ownership of any plot within town that they own but no TOWN permissions unless they are changed by a mayor or assistant. Residents can claim or unclaim ownership of a plot (to themselves – it remains a town plot), they can leave town or put money in the bank. Residents can change the perms to whatever they wish to do in their plots. Assistants now have every single ability a mayor does, except town deletion. So keep that in mind when promoting!

Town Ranks

Andor allows Mayors the following Ranks to be added/removed from residents of a town. To utilize them

Type: /t rank add/remove (player) (rank)

Assistant – the good old steady standby of “co-mayor” … Be Careful … This Rank is a BIGGIE!

Recruiter – This Rank enables a resident to use /t add (player) to bring people into town!

Sheriff – This Rank enabled a resident to use both /t add (player) and /t kick (player) … sometimes it is nice to have someone in town to run things while the mayor and assistant are away!

Architect – This Rank gives a resident all his/her regular perms PLUS allows him/her to build and/or destroy on all town plots!

EstateManager – This Rank enables a resident to claim plots, set plots for sale, set plots as not for sale, unclaim plots, set plot types and utilize plot clear!

Banker – This Rank enables a resident to use /t withdraw to take money from the Town Bank. All town residents can ALWAYS DEPOSIT.

Remember, with Power Comes Great Responsibility… Rank People Appropriately!

We hope these adjustments create more compelling play for you in your towns. As always we are open to suggestions on the forum and discord channel, and if you run into any major bugs, please file a ticket on the forum or chat with us in the Tech Help discord channel.

Thanks for playing on the Realm of Andor!


ROADMAP // The future of Andor

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Hey Denizens!

Anomaly47 here. I wanted to take a moment to chat about the next things that will be happening with the world of Andor. We’ve put together a tentative roadmap and will share it below. We’ve read a lot of the forum posts and carefully evaluated everyone’s suggestions and ideas and we feel pretty confident that these upcoming changes and additions are the right ones for Andor.

As a reminder, I think generally, Bodhwell and I have a very specific vision for Andor, which is still inchoate. We want a simple server that delivers a certain promise and experience at the very best it can possibly be. Bodhwell and I carefully consider all points of view before making a final decision on what in-game mods to add to Andor. We feel very passionately about ensuring we continue to deliver on our vision. We think Postel’s law is a good primer for how to handle things which states: “Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.” Meaning, we want to hear as many well thought out ideas as possible on what to include and add to the server. We’ll chat about them with everyone and seriously consider every opinion. At the end of the day though, what we end up doing will be conservative.

We think that seeing too much, is seeing nothing at all. We won’t add mods that water down or begin to move us away from our original vision for Andor. We feel very strongly about this. We know this server isn’t for everyone and we think that’s entirely ok. We’d rather make a server that 10 people really love dearly than make one that 1,000 people like loosely. Your suggestion may not have made it into our roadmap, and we’re definitely sorry but again, we want to be pretty conservative. We do think this will be a lot of content for everyone to get into.

So without further adieu, here’s the roadmap!

v1.2.5 – “The Parties, Leveling, and Abilities oh my” update (launching this weekend! 5/13/2017)
  • Adds McMMO to the Andor Modpack
  • Adds distinctive formatting to local and yell chat.
  • Fixes spawners by the nimbus
  • Completely reverts Naz Thuul to its pristine state.
  • Adds new “Mailbox” system and NPC locations to Andor
  • Adds “Pech’s Secret Shop” to Andor.
  • Adds 2 new dungeons / boss encounters to Andor (non-lore based)
v1.3.1 – “Bodhwell’s Guide to the Galaxy” update
  • Adds “The Lore” mod to the Andor Modpack
  • Initial lore pages added to Andor, players will get them by completing the new player experience.
  • Removes all starting items and funds from new players.
  • Adds a 24 quest new player starting experience which takes place in the town of Drakenshire.
  • Adds “The Temple of Sensus” to Andor
v1.3.2 – “The High Kings New Robes” update
  • Adds the Armorer’s Workshop mod to the Andor Modpack – NOT available to players to use.
  • Starts a new bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) transmog gear contest on the forum for submissions by players. You can design and create thematic sets or items in single player and submit your work for the contest every 2 weeks. Winners will have their gear officially added to the world by admins via shops or NPC encounters.
  • Adds new “donation” system accessible via the website. You can donate to charities or to a fund to make Andor better which will go to engineering projects. Different tiers of donations come with different in game cosmetic rewards and recognition. There will be NO PAY TO PLAY. No special abilities, ever.
v1.3.3 – “The Terra-iffic” update
  • Adds “Lord of the Rings” mod to the Andor Modpack – We’re only taking components of this mod to further enhance the fantasy nature of the world. Many of the ores will be available to source in a number of different ways.
  • Adds the “Immersive Engineering” mod to the Andor Modpack – This is a very robust engineering mod which we feel fits with the Andor theme really well. We view this as something dwarves or crafters will really engage with.
  • Adds new “Terra” primal portal to Eldar which leads to the new terra mining realm.
  • Adds new lore page for the terra realm.
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/engineering based)
  • Adds a few new shops to the Red City which will sell stuff from the LOTR mod like a smoke/tobacco shop
v1.3.4 – “The Alternative Magic” update
  • Adds the “Witchery” mod to the Andor Modpack – We will be stripping this pretty heavily of all PVP aspects and a few other things we think would not work well with Andor. But we hope it will add new dimensions to the realm.
  • Opens the Magic district of the Red City
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/magic based)
v1.3.5 – “The Yarrrr-b-Darrrrr” update
  • Adds a ship mod (TBD) to the Andor Modpack. Get ready to set sail for the high seas! Pirates, Bucaneers, Smugglers, Her Majesty’s Royal Navy! Build some ships and sail them all around Andor and beyond.
  • Adjusts world guard to make it so you can sail all the way around the world.
  • Adds new “Aqua” primal portal to Eldar which leads to the new oceanic realm. What lies beyond the horizon? New treasures? Can you find it before another ship sinks yours? Can you secure the treasure and bring it back to Andor? Test your sea legs in this new water world where pvp is enabled and you can’t claim territory.
  • Adds new lore page for the Aqua portal
  • Opens the Shipyard district in the Red City (only accessible by ships of course)
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/water based)
v1.3.6 – “The Masons Order” update
  • Adds the new and secret “Masons Order” and Masons Cathedral to Andor. An invitation-only society of world builders.
  • Adds lore pages to Andor about the Masons Order
  • Opens the Military and Builders Districts of the Red City
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/builder based)
v1.3.7 – “The Growers Guild” update
  • Adds the new “Growers Guild” and Grower’s Guild hall to Andor.
  • Adds the new Growers marketplace to Eldar.
  • Adds lore pages to Andor about the Growers Guild.
  • More TBD

We hope this gives you all a really in depth look at what’s on the horizon for Andor. We’re really excited about this content and these updates. We’re working hard to get them delivered to you over the next couple weeks and months.

I know Bodhwell, SapMagic, Drevarius and I all appreciate your patience and passion for the realm of Andor.

Thanks & See you in the realm.


Server Rules

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Official Server Rules List

Hello. We have officially added a rules list to the Realm of Andor with their consequences list. These rules are non-negotiable. What is most important to us is that everyone on Andor is kind and conducts themselves in a respectful manner. We’re going to list things and how we will generally respond or not respond to them in-game. There will be things we just won’t respond to, like being killed by a hard mob to get your stuff back. Andor has really tough mobs. So if you venture out, you need to be ready for it!  (This is a living document)


Tier One Offenses: Consequence is an immediate IP ban from the server indefinitely.

(1) Griefing:  is a player who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game over and over, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Examples: Standing at nexus spawn and killing players over and over who enter, OR using game mechanics to destroy peoples builds or to steal someone’s stuff multiple times to the point it feels bad for them to play on Andor.

(2) Cheating:  is finding a way to use bugs in the game to steal people’s stuff, to duplicate diamonds, or anything involved with finding an exploit and using it to your advantage.

(3) Hate Speech:  is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. This includes on signs in your buildings or in chat or even in private chat with others.


Tier Two Offenses: Consequence is a cool off ban of 24 hours and a warning to change.

(4) Toxicity:  is trolling, harassment, extremely negative attitudes, offensive language, and verbal abuse.

(5) Disrespecting Staff:  is talking disrespectfully to a moderator or administrator. We understand if you get angry or frustrated, which isn’t included, but calling names or raging in public chat and flaming us will count.

(6) Abusing in game mechanics: Is finding an in-game mechanic you can exploit to your benefit. Be a good citizen and report that you think something is way out of balance BEFORE you exploit it. Help us make a good world for everyone to thrive in and enjoy. As an example: Say you notice you can claim an inordinate amount of chunks, and you use that exploit to claim an entire biome you don’t plan on building on in the near future. While this isn’t technically cheating, it is definitely within the spirit of cheating. Please let a moderator or admin know about it first.


Tier Three Offenses:  Consequence is a series of warnings that can escalate into a Tier 2 ban and then a Tier 1 ban if the behavior doesn’t change.

(7) Defacing the landscape:  Please do not deforest an entire biome or completely wreck a part of the world just to do it. Part of what makes Andor great is its beauty and we want to preserve that for all players to enjoy while they explore. This does not include mining underground.

(8) Cussing: Generally we want to keep the server “family friendly” which means there is no cussing in global chat or on the forums or in discord. We understand if you’re angry or frustrated. There are more healthy ways to handle those emotions. Get up and take a walk. Go have a snack. Do something to cool down.


General Rules/Laws/Mechanics of the land:

(9) There is no warping/ports in Andor: We want you to use the portal system to navigate and explore Andor. I know this isn’t like most servers, and if that’s a deal-breaker for you, we understand. It is core to the experience of RP in our opinion, and this won’t change.

(10) No creepers:  We don’t mean you creeping on other players… although, don’t do that. Only admins are allowed to do that. LOL. We mean there are no monster creepers in Andor. We’re not a fan of explosions.

(11) No explosions:  For obvious reasons.

(12) Fire does not spread:  Again, for obvious reasons.

(13) Monsters do not spawn at night in random spots:  We’re not huge fans of creepers and monsters spawning in the dark. We think if you build walls, it should keep the baddies out. That being said, the monsters you do find out in the wild are OP as heck. So don’t go out there with just diamond armor on and expect to ace them, you will get wrecked and we will not recover your stuff.

(14) Portals: There is only one portal to the nether, end, and the Twilight in-game. You must either find them through exploration OR an information broker. Ask in global chat who will sell you the location. Building these portals won’t work. You can find many materials from the nether in the Red City’s Emporium or in the Trade district (once it opens). You can get to the Red City through the 1st portal on the right down the green path.


Things admins won’t respond to/get involved in:

(15) Town/nation politics: We won’t get involved in your town or nations politics. We think that is good gameplay including if it gets hostile, so long as everyone follows the above rules.

(16) Your stuff is stolen: YOU MUST SECURE YOUR STUFF IN NORMAL CHESTS. Towny only affects normal chest use. So if you leave things on racks outside, or you use other chests, your items can get stolen. We think being a thief is also a valid form of play. It might get you a contract landed on your head, but that leads to yet, more compelling play. Moving forward, unless you can PROVE your stuff was stolen due to a server bug OR someone was breaking the above rules, we won’t respond anymore to things being stolen. The reply you’ll get from us will be something like “That’s unfortunate Denizen, perhaps you should find a bank to store your valuables in.”

(17) You decided to venture into protected NPC area’s, got stuck, and lost your gear: Venture forth into protected NPC areas at your own risk. We will not replace your gear if you get stuck. We will not help you get unstuck. You will need to use the /suicide command to kill yourself and respawn in the Nimbus. If you ask for help, we won’t respond to this. The three big NPC areas are “The nation of Narquelion & The Red City, Behind the Black Wall in the Dark Lands, and the nation of Eldar. They will tell you you’ve entered those lands as you do. You can not break blocks inside those regions.

(18) You didn’t make money to pay your daily tax, and lost your buildings/plot: You must make money to own land in Andor. Take a look at update v1.2.1 to understand how much you will need on a daily (24 real hours) basis. You will need to earn money by selling diamonds and gold coins or selling things to other players you make for diamonds or gold coins.

(19) Jumping off the sides of the NEXUS: You will die. The Nexus is in it’s own dimesion and if you fall off the side of it while jumping on the cloud blocks, you will die and lose your stuff. We will not replace your items.

Andor Public – Version 1.2.1

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The “anomaly47, slayer of nations” update.

So as with new servers and new server owners, we had some things to learn about game balance and config files. The main one being Towny. We had accidently set the permissions to allow every member of a town up to 360 individual plots at only $25 a plot. Our resident warrior town, Naz Thuul decided they wanted to start taking over the world, as good warrior people do. Unfortunately, this is not the intended path.

SO. First, I started to play with /townyadmin controls, and I accidently nuked Naz Thuul off the face of Andor. Fortunately, Executor Sapmagic anticipated my blunder and had a quick save to reboot us to. MY BAD!

So we now have new configurations to share with you all! These may seem restrictive at first, but we want you to know, we are always open to tweaking the levels and making adjustments. Generally, we think you should only claim what you want to build on. If you have a very large claim (I’m looking at you Naz), you won’t lose your territory but you will need to pay for it, in order to maintain it.

So here’s the basic costs breakdown:

  • New Nation Cost = $75,000 (up from $10,000)
  • New Town Cost = $1,000 (no change)
  • Outpost Cost = $4,000 (up from $100)
  • Price to claim new plot = $100 (up from $25)
  • Price to claim bonus plots = $100 (up from $25)

Here are the daily taxes:

  • Price Nation Upkeep: $50 (no change)
  • Price Town Upkeep: $5 (down from $25)
  • *NEW* Daily town taxes are now $5 x Each plot you own. E.g., If your town owns 100 plots, you now owe $500 / per day in taxes. If you have something like 4,750 plots, your daily tax will be $23,750. So if you have 20 people in your town, that’s $1,187.5. That’s 23.75 diamonds a day or 296 gold coins.

Here are the town plot max amounts:

  • Town Mayor’s get 8 plots (chunks)
  • Town residents get 6 plots
  • Nations give each additional resident and mayor 2 more plots
  • E.g., If you have a town with 20 residents and 1 mayor you have a total of 128 plots

Keep in mind that towns with current claims won’t lose what they currently have but they WILL be responsible for the taxes on their claims. So you have two options, continue to hold the plots you do and pay the taxes OR reduce the space you own to something more manageable.

If you have questions or lose stuff or anything at all, we’ll be on discord and you can always open topics on the forum.



Andor Public – version 1.2.0

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The “nothing to see here” update.

  • We’ve moved to a brand new fully dedicated server for the realm of Andor! We’re hoping this makes things much more smooth. There is currently a moderate wait time when getting into the world, you will see a black screen, but be patient and it will pop you in.

That’s all!

Andor Public – Version 1.0.4

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Housekeeping Items:

New rules 

  • 1. There is a zero tolerance on toxicity on the server. That means no raging. No calling names. No swear words. We expect you to be kind or at a very minimum respectful of everyone. If you’re frustrated, sign off, go take a walk, and come back. We now have two moderators and a total of 5 admins. Someone will see it. 1st offense is a verbal warning. 2nd offense is a 1-day ban. 3rd offense is a permanent IP ban.
  • 2. You can claim and build around a portal, BUT you must create a direct accessible path that leads to the edge of your town. No parkour or mazes. It must be very easy to get out into the zone. We will do a sweep of all portals and will make adjustments ourselves if changes haven’t been made in the next 24 hours.


The “arbitration” update.

  • Updated and added the Arbiter role with appropriate permissions. We’ve added two moderators (thneh and switch) to our group. They’ve been extremely helpful to all who’ve joined Andor. (thanks to them for their help). They can now moderate chat and even help you get out of a tough spot.
  • Fixed Nimbus / Nexus portal The adjustments continue! We’ve modified the portal from the nimbus to the nexus to be less likely to cause bugs.
  • Fixed the Twilight You can now break blocks and adventure properly in the twilight. Have fun!
  • Fixed the Nether! If you can find the portal, it now works properly.