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Andor Public – Version 1.0.1

By April 1, 2017Uncategorized

The Mini MONSTER Redaction Update

  • Removed grizzly bears from the server entirely. We found these to be too difficult and too high in population. We didn’t want a lot of friction to exploration, just the occasional exciting moments.
  • Removed dragons from the server entirely. We felt these were also a little too OP. Especially when trying to head to the market.
  • Highly reduced spawn rates for in wild monsters. You should notice a lot fewer monster spawns in the wild. This doesn’t affect anything in dungeons, and once in a while you may see monsters. They will be OP when you see them, so engage at your own risk. We hope this reduces how hard it is to explore Andor.

Comments/Questions: Please email us at therealmofandor@gmail.com


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