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Andor Public – Version 1.0.3

By April 6, 2017Uncategorized

The “snakes & darkness” update.

  • Removed snakes from overworld spawn. Apparently, they’re really deadly and one got into the Capital city portal and killed a bunch of you. Welp.
  • Disabled Bears in the camping mod. Hopefully, this is their end.
  • Removed Hardcore Darkness from the server. This was making too many people dizzy.
  • Modified day_interval to double it. Not sure if this will affect how long the day / night cycle is but hopefully it makes it longer.
  • Added instructions on how to get the explorer kit to the nimbus. (You can type /kit explorer to get some bread. There is no cool down.)
  • Upgraded the server to handle more traffic. Hope this helps with any lag.
  • Fixed an issue where nether portals could be created. This no longer works. (by design). There is one portal to the nether in the world. You will have to find it. If you need materials, you can buy them from the Narquelion Central Emporium. We think the nether is a realm for adventure, not material gathering.

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