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Andor Public – Version 1.0.4

By April 11, 2017Versions

Housekeeping Items:

New rules 

  • 1. There is a zero tolerance on toxicity on the server. That means no raging. No calling names. No swear words. We expect you to be kind or at a very minimum respectful of everyone. If you’re frustrated, sign off, go take a walk, and come back. We now have two moderators and a total of 5 admins. Someone will see it. 1st offense is a verbal warning. 2nd offense is a 1-day ban. 3rd offense is a permanent IP ban.
  • 2. You can claim and build around a portal, BUT you must create a direct accessible path that leads to the edge of your town. No parkour or mazes. It must be very easy to get out into the zone. We will do a sweep of all portals and will make adjustments ourselves if changes haven’t been made in the next 24 hours.


The “arbitration” update.

  • Updated and added the Arbiter role with appropriate permissions. We’ve added two moderators (thneh and switch) to our group. They’ve been extremely helpful to all who’ve joined Andor. (thanks to them for their help). They can now moderate chat and even help you get out of a tough spot.
  • Fixed Nimbus / Nexus portal The adjustments continue! We’ve modified the portal from the nimbus to the nexus to be less likely to cause bugs.
  • Fixed the Twilight You can now break blocks and adventure properly in the twilight. Have fun!
  • Fixed the Nether! If you can find the portal, it now works properly.

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