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Andor Public – Version 1.2.1

By April 14, 2017Uncategorized

The “anomaly47, slayer of nations” update.

So as with new servers and new server owners, we had some things to learn about game balance and config files. The main one being Towny. We had accidently set the permissions to allow every member of a town up to 360 individual plots at only $25 a plot. Our resident warrior town, Naz Thuul decided they wanted to start taking over the world, as good warrior people do. Unfortunately, this is not the intended path.

SO. First, I started to play with /townyadmin controls, and I accidently nuked Naz Thuul off the face of Andor. Fortunately, Executor Sapmagic anticipated my blunder and had a quick save to reboot us to. MY BAD!

So we now have new configurations to share with you all! These may seem restrictive at first, but we want you to know, we are always open to tweaking the levels and making adjustments. Generally, we think you should only claim what you want to build on. If you have a very large claim (I’m looking at you Naz), you won’t lose your territory but you will need to pay for it, in order to maintain it.

So here’s the basic costs breakdown:

  • New Nation Cost = $75,000 (up from $10,000)
  • New Town Cost = $1,000 (no change)
  • Outpost Cost = $4,000 (up from $100)
  • Price to claim new plot = $100 (up from $25)
  • Price to claim bonus plots = $100 (up from $25)

Here are the daily taxes:

  • Price Nation Upkeep: $50 (no change)
  • Price Town Upkeep: $5 (down from $25)
  • *NEW* Daily town taxes are now $5 x Each plot you own. E.g., If your town owns 100 plots, you now owe $500 / per day in taxes. If you have something like 4,750 plots, your daily tax will be $23,750. So if you have 20 people in your town, that’s $1,187.5. That’s 23.75 diamonds a day or 296 gold coins.

Here are the town plot max amounts:

  • Town Mayor’s get 8 plots (chunks)
  • Town residents get 6 plots
  • Nations give each additional resident and mayor 2 more plots
  • E.g., If you have a town with 20 residents and 1 mayor you have a total of 128 plots

Keep in mind that towns with current claims won’t lose what they currently have but they WILL be responsible for the taxes on their claims. So you have two options, continue to hold the plots you do and pay the taxes OR reduce the space you own to something more manageable.

If you have questions or lose stuff or anything at all, we’ll be on discord and you can always open topics on the forum.




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