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Product Updates

Product Update – Andor Public Realm

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We’re officially launching the public realm this weekend. This will be with Andor version 1.0.0. There are things to work on and bugs to work out but we’re pretty confident we’re ready to launch.

How will we maintain the public server?  We will push updates probably every 2 weeks. This won’t affect the things you build and should be more bug/fixes and small content patches. Every month we may bring the server down for a few hours to do some bigger maintenance. For the time being, until we complete the majority of our content, we will be doing a complete refresh of the server every 3 months. Eventually, when we feel the whole server is “complete” will 90% of the content we will do total refreshes only every 12 months.

When will the Whitelist server be live? We will probably look to bring the Whitelist server up in the next month or so. We will keep everyone up to date.

Are these the only two servers available? Yes. We do keep a pristine realm copy live, but that is our master copy we work from, and then push to other servers. If you want to get involved in helping to make Andor even more amazing, we could use your help. Email us at therealmofandor@gmail.com and tell us what you’re good at and what interests you.