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Rules & Mechanics

Server Rules

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Official Server Rules List

Hello. We have officially added a rules list to the Realm of Andor with their consequences list. These rules are non-negotiable. What is most important to us is that everyone on Andor is kind and conducts themselves in a respectful manner. We’re going to list things and how we will generally respond or not respond to them in-game. There will be things we just won’t respond to, like being killed by a hard mob to get your stuff back. Andor has really tough mobs. So if you venture out, you need to be ready for it!  (This is a living document)


Tier One Offenses: Consequence is an immediate IP ban from the server indefinitely.

(1) Griefing:  is a player who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game over and over, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Examples: Standing at nexus spawn and killing players over and over who enter, OR using game mechanics to destroy peoples builds or to steal someone’s stuff multiple times to the point it feels bad for them to play on Andor.

(2) Cheating:  is finding a way to use bugs in the game to steal people’s stuff, to duplicate diamonds, or anything involved with finding an exploit and using it to your advantage.

(3) Hate Speech:  is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. This includes on signs in your buildings or in chat or even in private chat with others.


Tier Two Offenses: Consequence is a cool off ban of 24 hours and a warning to change.

(4) Toxicity:  is trolling, harassment, extremely negative attitudes, offensive language, and verbal abuse.

(5) Disrespecting Staff:  is talking disrespectfully to a moderator or administrator. We understand if you get angry or frustrated, which isn’t included, but calling names or raging in public chat and flaming us will count.

(6) Abusing in game mechanics: Is finding an in-game mechanic you can exploit to your benefit. Be a good citizen and report that you think something is way out of balance BEFORE you exploit it. Help us make a good world for everyone to thrive in and enjoy. As an example: Say you notice you can claim an inordinate amount of chunks, and you use that exploit to claim an entire biome you don’t plan on building on in the near future. While this isn’t technically cheating, it is definitely within the spirit of cheating. Please let a moderator or admin know about it first.


Tier Three Offenses:  Consequence is a series of warnings that can escalate into a Tier 2 ban and then a Tier 1 ban if the behavior doesn’t change.

(7) Defacing the landscape:  Please do not deforest an entire biome or completely wreck a part of the world just to do it. Part of what makes Andor great is its beauty and we want to preserve that for all players to enjoy while they explore. This does not include mining underground.

(8) Cussing: Generally we want to keep the server “family friendly” which means there is no cussing in global chat or on the forums or in discord. We understand if you’re angry or frustrated. There are more healthy ways to handle those emotions. Get up and take a walk. Go have a snack. Do something to cool down.


General Rules/Laws/Mechanics of the land:

(9) There is no warping/ports in Andor: We want you to use the portal system to navigate and explore Andor. I know this isn’t like most servers, and if that’s a deal-breaker for you, we understand. It is core to the experience of RP in our opinion, and this won’t change.

(10) No creepers:  We don’t mean you creeping on other players… although, don’t do that. Only admins are allowed to do that. LOL. We mean there are no monster creepers in Andor. We’re not a fan of explosions.

(11) No explosions:  For obvious reasons.

(12) Fire does not spread:  Again, for obvious reasons.

(13) Monsters do not spawn at night in random spots:  We’re not huge fans of creepers and monsters spawning in the dark. We think if you build walls, it should keep the baddies out. That being said, the monsters you do find out in the wild are OP as heck. So don’t go out there with just diamond armor on and expect to ace them, you will get wrecked and we will not recover your stuff.

(14) Portals: There is only one portal to the nether, end, and the Twilight in-game. You must either find them through exploration OR an information broker. Ask in global chat who will sell you the location. Building these portals won’t work. You can find many materials from the nether in the Red City’s Emporium or in the Trade district (once it opens). You can get to the Red City through the 1st portal on the right down the green path.


Things admins won’t respond to/get involved in:

(15) Town/nation politics: We won’t get involved in your town or nations politics. We think that is good gameplay including if it gets hostile, so long as everyone follows the above rules.

(16) Your stuff is stolen: YOU MUST SECURE YOUR STUFF IN NORMAL CHESTS. Towny only affects normal chest use. So if you leave things on racks outside, or you use other chests, your items can get stolen. We think being a thief is also a valid form of play. It might get you a contract landed on your head, but that leads to yet, more compelling play. Moving forward, unless you can PROVE your stuff was stolen due to a server bug OR someone was breaking the above rules, we won’t respond anymore to things being stolen. The reply you’ll get from us will be something like “That’s unfortunate Denizen, perhaps you should find a bank to store your valuables in.”

(17) You decided to venture into protected NPC area’s, got stuck, and lost your gear: Venture forth into protected NPC areas at your own risk. We will not replace your gear if you get stuck. We will not help you get unstuck. You will need to use the /suicide command to kill yourself and respawn in the Nimbus. If you ask for help, we won’t respond to this. The three big NPC areas are “The nation of Narquelion & The Red City, Behind the Black Wall in the Dark Lands, and the nation of Eldar. They will tell you you’ve entered those lands as you do. You can not break blocks inside those regions.

(18) You didn’t make money to pay your daily tax, and lost your buildings/plot: You must make money to own land in Andor. Take a look at update v1.2.1 to understand how much you will need on a daily (24 real hours) basis. You will need to earn money by selling diamonds and gold coins or selling things to other players you make for diamonds or gold coins.

(19) Jumping off the sides of the NEXUS: You will die. The Nexus is in it’s own dimesion and if you fall off the side of it while jumping on the cloud blocks, you will die and lose your stuff. We will not replace your items.