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Major Towny Updates!

By May 30, 2017Uncategorized

Hey, denizens!

We’ve made some big changes to Towny tonight (very much thanks to Kalleigh6694 and Cave).

Safety & Protections 

The first thing we did was improve Towny’s protections to include Thaumcraft, Bibliocraft, CustomNPC items, and some of Pam’s items. Yes, ideally this means your items on that armor stand are now safe! We are still needing feedback on these new protections so let us know but I think this will help everyone be able to really utilize all of the mods’ items and feel safe doing so. If you lose something that should be protected, please make a ticket post on the forum.

New and Updated Ranks

We’ve updated and created some new ranks for you to assign town members. This is to help you manage the life of your town. We also improved how building happens inside your town. The new configs give every resident the right to complete ownership of any plot within town that they own but no TOWN permissions unless they are changed by a mayor or assistant. Residents can claim or unclaim ownership of a plot (to themselves – it remains a town plot), they can leave town or put money in the bank. Residents can change the perms to whatever they wish to do in their plots. Assistants now have every single ability a mayor does, except town deletion. So keep that in mind when promoting!

Town Ranks

Andor allows Mayors the following Ranks to be added/removed from residents of a town. To utilize them

Type: /t rank add/remove (player) (rank)

Assistant – the good old steady standby of “co-mayor” … Be Careful … This Rank is a BIGGIE!

Recruiter – This Rank enables a resident to use /t add (player) to bring people into town!

Sheriff – This Rank enabled a resident to use both /t add (player) and /t kick (player) … sometimes it is nice to have someone in town to run things while the mayor and assistant are away!

Architect – This Rank gives a resident all his/her regular perms PLUS allows him/her to build and/or destroy on all town plots!

EstateManager РThis Rank enables a resident to claim plots, set plots for sale, set plots as not for sale, unclaim plots, set plot types and utilize plot clear!

Banker – This Rank enables a resident to use /t withdraw to take money from the Town Bank. All town residents can ALWAYS DEPOSIT.

Remember, with Power Comes Great Responsibility… Rank People Appropriately!

We hope these adjustments create more compelling play for you in your towns. As always we are open to suggestions on the forum and discord channel, and if you run into any major bugs, please file a ticket on the forum or chat with us in the Tech Help discord channel.

Thanks for playing on the Realm of Andor!



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