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ROADMAP // The future of Andor

By May 12, 2017Uncategorized

Hey Denizens!

Anomaly47 here. I wanted to take a moment to chat about the next things that will be happening with the world of Andor. We’ve put together a tentative roadmap and will share it below. We’ve read a lot of the forum posts and carefully evaluated everyone’s suggestions and ideas and we feel pretty confident that these upcoming changes and additions are the right ones for Andor.

As a reminder, I think generally, Bodhwell and I have a very specific vision for Andor, which is still inchoate. We want a simple server that delivers a certain promise and experience at the very best it can possibly be. Bodhwell and I carefully consider all points of view before making a final decision on what in-game mods to add to Andor. We feel very passionately about ensuring we continue to deliver on our vision. We think Postel’s law is a good primer for how to handle things which states: “Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.” Meaning, we want to hear as many well thought out ideas as possible on what to include and add to the server. We’ll chat about them with everyone and seriously consider every opinion. At the end of the day though, what we end up doing will be conservative.

We think that seeing too much, is seeing nothing at all. We won’t add mods that water down or begin to move us away from our original vision for Andor. We feel very strongly about this. We know this server isn’t for everyone and we think that’s entirely ok. We’d rather make a server that 10 people really love dearly than make one that 1,000 people like loosely. Your suggestion may not have made it into our roadmap, and we’re definitely sorry but again, we want to be pretty conservative. We do think this will be a lot of content for everyone to get into.

So without further adieu, here’s the roadmap!

v1.2.5 – “The Parties, Leveling, and Abilities oh my” update (launching this weekend! 5/13/2017)
  • Adds McMMO to the Andor Modpack
  • Adds distinctive formatting to local and yell chat.
  • Fixes spawners by the nimbus
  • Completely reverts Naz Thuul to its pristine state.
  • Adds new “Mailbox” system and NPC locations to Andor
  • Adds “Pech’s Secret Shop” to Andor.
  • Adds 2 new dungeons / boss encounters to Andor (non-lore based)
v1.3.1 – “Bodhwell’s Guide to the Galaxy” update
  • Adds “The Lore” mod to the Andor Modpack
  • Initial lore pages added to Andor, players will get them by completing the new player experience.
  • Removes all starting items and funds from new players.
  • Adds a 24 quest new player starting experience which takes place in the town of Drakenshire.
  • Adds “The Temple of Sensus” to Andor
v1.3.2 – “The High Kings New Robes” update
  • Adds the Armorer’s Workshop mod to the Andor Modpack – NOT available to players to use.
  • Starts a new bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) transmog gear contest on the forum for submissions by players. You can design and create thematic sets or items in single player and submit your work for the contest every 2 weeks. Winners will have their gear officially added to the world by admins via shops or NPC encounters.
  • Adds new “donation” system accessible via the website. You can donate to charities or to a fund to make Andor better which will go to engineering projects. Different tiers of donations come with different in game cosmetic rewards and recognition. There will be NO PAY TO PLAY. No special abilities, ever.
v1.3.3 – “The Terra-iffic” update
  • Adds “Lord of the Rings” mod to the Andor Modpack – We’re only taking components of this mod to further enhance the fantasy nature of the world. Many of the ores will be available to source in a number of different ways.
  • Adds the “Immersive Engineering” mod to the Andor Modpack – This is a very robust engineering mod which we feel fits with the Andor theme really well. We view this as something dwarves or crafters will really engage with.
  • Adds new “Terra” primal portal to Eldar which leads to the new terra mining realm.
  • Adds new lore page for the terra realm.
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/engineering based)
  • Adds a few new shops to the Red City which will sell stuff from the LOTR mod like a smoke/tobacco shop
v1.3.4 – “The Alternative Magic” update
  • Adds the “Witchery” mod to the Andor Modpack – We will be stripping this pretty heavily of all PVP aspects and a few other things we think would not work well with Andor. But we hope it will add new dimensions to the realm.
  • Opens the Magic district of the Red City
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/magic based)
v1.3.5 – “The Yarrrr-b-Darrrrr” update
  • Adds a ship mod (TBD) to the Andor Modpack. Get ready to set sail for the high seas! Pirates, Bucaneers, Smugglers, Her Majesty’s Royal Navy! Build some ships and sail them all around Andor and beyond.
  • Adjusts world guard to make it so you can sail all the way around the world.
  • Adds new “Aqua” primal portal to Eldar which leads to the new oceanic realm. What lies beyond the horizon? New treasures? Can you find it before another ship sinks yours? Can you secure the treasure and bring it back to Andor? Test your sea legs in this new water world where pvp is enabled and you can’t claim territory.
  • Adds new lore page for the Aqua portal
  • Opens the Shipyard district in the Red City (only accessible by ships of course)
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/water based)
v1.3.6 – “The Masons Order” update
  • Adds the new and secret “Masons Order” and Masons Cathedral to Andor. An invitation-only society of world builders.
  • Adds lore pages to Andor about the Masons Order
  • Opens the Military and Builders Districts of the Red City
  • Adds new questlines and dungeons (2-3) (lore/builder based)
v1.3.7 – “The Growers Guild” update
  • Adds the new “Growers Guild” and Grower’s Guild hall to Andor.
  • Adds the new Growers marketplace to Eldar.
  • Adds lore pages to Andor about the Growers Guild.
  • More TBD

We hope this gives you all a really in depth look at what’s on the horizon for Andor. We’re really excited about this content and these updates. We’re working hard to get them delivered to you over the next couple weeks and months.

I know Bodhwell, SapMagic, Drevarius and I all appreciate your patience and passion for the realm of Andor.

Thanks & See you in the realm.



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