Bodhwell & I only care about having a healthy, positive, no-drama server. We will choose to have only 10 great players over an additional 80 ok ones and 10 bad apples every day of the week. That is why we will swing the ban hammer so liberally. We do this in our spare time and have zero time for drama. If you find yourself fitting into that category, you will just get banned. Think of this as a reverse whitelist server. And that is anyone; players, veterans, staff.

The Golden Rule:  Respect Everyone.

The Short List:

  • No Griefing
  • No Cheating
  • No Hate Speech
  • Don’t be toxic
  • Don’t cause drama
  • Don’t disrespect staff
  • Don’t abuse in game mechanics
  • Don’t spam or bother new players, ever
  • No swearing
  • Don’t ask to become a staff member
  • Don’t deface the landscape
  • Don’t ask repetitive questions or the same question to different staff looking for different answers.
  • We recommend you eat a pineapple that dances with rainbows at midnight.

Official Server Rules List – For those who need “clarification”

These rules are non-negotiable. What is most important to us is that everyone on Andor is kind and conducts themselves in a respectful manner.


Griefing:  is a player who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game over and over, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Examples: Standing at nexus spawn and killing players over and over who enter, OR using game mechanics to destroy peoples builds or to steal someone’s stuff multiple times to the point it feels bad for them to play on Andor.

Cheating:  is finding a way to use bugs in the game to steal people’s stuff, to duplicate diamonds, or anything involved with finding an exploit and using it to your advantage.

Hate Speech:  is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. This includes on signs in your buildings or in chat or even in private chat with others.


Toxicity:  is trolling, harassment, extremely negative attitudes, offensive language, and verbal abuse. This can be both slow and quick burn toxicity. If the staff feel like YOU are causing a lot of stress and negativity to happen, but aren’t “breaking the rules” we will just ban you. We would rather have 10 awesome players than 100 average ones. This may not seem fair, but we really don’t care.

Disrespecting Staff:  is talking disrespectfully to a moderator or administrator. We understand if you get angry or frustrated, which isn’t included, but calling names or raging in public chat and flaming us will count. Respect staff decisions and actions.

Abusing in game mechanics: Is finding an in-game mechanic you can exploit to your benefit. Be a good citizen and report that you think something is way out of balance BEFORE you exploit it. Help us make a good world for everyone to thrive in and enjoy. As an example: Say you notice you can claim an inordinate amount of chunks, and you use that exploit to claim an entire biome you don’t plan on building on in the near future. While this isn’t technically cheating, it is definitely within the spirit of cheating. Please let a moderator or admin know about it first.

Do NOT spam new players with ANYTHING: Say hello to them, be helpful by answering any questions but that is it. If you’re caught spamming new players asking them to join your town or following them in the Nexus, we will just ban you. Let them get their bearings. We have an entire new player quest line that takes time to complete. We will create ways for you to advertise your towns. Remember we have social spy on and know when you do private messages.


Don’t deface the landscape:  Please do not deforest an entire biome or completely wreck a part of the world just to do it. Part of what makes Andor great is its beauty and we want to preserve that for all players to enjoy while they explore. This does not include mining underground. But if you have to do lots of mining, go to the Terra Realm.

Swearing/Cussing: Generally we want to keep the server “family friendly” which means there is no cussing in global chat or on the forums or in discord. We understand if you’re angry or frustrated. There are more healthy ways to handle those emotions. Get up and take a walk. Go have a snack. Do something to cool down.

Do not ask to become a staff member: Be genuine. Act with honor and be seen as a positive contributor to the community 100% of the time. Actually contribute to the community or Andor in some great way. These are the things that will get noticed. We only appoint staff by invitation and asking is the quickest way to get on the black list.

Avoid asking repetitive questions: We all have questions sometimes! But if you have to ask a lot of questions in a short period of time, try searching for some guides online first. We’ll help you fill in the gaps. If you do ask a question, give us time to respond. Don’t keep asking it over and over. If you get an answer from one of us you don’t like, please don’t go and ask other staff members the same questions looking for better answers. It will lead to a warning and then you know what.


Town/nation politics: We won’t get involved in your town or nations politics. We think that is good gameplay including if it gets hostile, so long as everyone follows the above rules.

Your stuff is stolen:  We think being a thief is also a valid form of play. It might get you a contract landed on your head, but that leads to yet, more compelling play. Moving forward, unless you can PROVE your stuff was stolen due to a server bug OR someone was breaking the above rules, we won’t respond anymore to things being stolen.

You decided to venture into protected NPC area’s, got stuck, and lost your gear: Venture forth into protected NPC areas at your own risk. We will not replace your gear if you get stuck. We will not help you get unstuck. You will need to use the /suicide command to kill yourself and respawn in the Nimbus. If you ask for help, we won’t respond to this. The three big NPC areas are “The nation of Narquelion & The Red City, Behind the Black Wall in the Dark Lands, and the nation of Eldar. They will tell you you’ve entered those lands as you do. You can not break blocks inside those regions.

You didn’t make money to pay your daily tax, and lost your buildings/plot: You must make money to own land in Andor. Take a look at update v1.2.1 to understand how much you will need on a daily (24 real hours) basis. You will need to earn money by selling diamonds and gold coins or selling things to other players you make for diamonds or gold coins.

Jumping off the sides of the NEXUS: You will die. The Nexus is in it’s own dimension and if you fall off the side of it while jumping on the cloud blocks, you will die and lose your stuff. We will not replace your items.


Can we warp / use warp?

No. The only way to quick travel is to utilize the portals in the Nexus. Each time you do, it costs life. So keep that in mind. Why? We feel it’s a more authentic role-playing immersive style of play. We think you shouldn’t be able to just appear inside someone’s castle or get to the other side of the world by typing in a couple words. You should have to travel through the world, which comes with risks and rewards.

Can I make a portal to the twilight? Or to the Nether?

No. There is only one portal in this world to each place. We want you to take an expedition to discover these places. This is intentional.

Uh ok. But where do I get materials from those places?

You can buy everything you need from the Nether at the Emporium, which is directly outside the Red City. You can reach it by going through the Red City’s portal in the nexus.

Why didn't you include ``x`` mod?

We probably didn’t include your favorite new mod because we wanted the server to be pretty simple. One of the big issues we always had with anything like Hexxit or any other massive mod pack is that there was just too much to learn and it was overwhelming. We wanted to make a server that had plenty of content, magic, and was conducive to role playing and fantasy immersion, but wasn’t overwhelming.

We assume this won’t be popular with everyone, and that’s ok. This server isn’t for everyone.

How do I save my Journey Map information?

  • Close Minecraft.
  • In the Technic Launcher, select Realm of Andor, and click “Modpack Options.”
  • In Mopack Options, click “Open” next to the install folder location. (This will open up a folder with the modpack data inside.)
  • You will see a “journeymap” folder about a third of the way down. Open that.
  • Open the “data” folder inside of “journeymap.”
  • Open the “mp” folder.
  • Open the latest “Andor Public Realm” folder and copy its contents somewhere safe, like the desktop.

How much does everything cost? (Towny etc...)

1 Diamond = $100 game currency

1 Gold Coin = $1 game currency

So here’s the basic costs breakdown:

  • New Nation Cost = $75,000 (up from $10,000)
  • New Town Cost = $1,000 (no change)
  • Outpost Cost = $4,000 (up from $100)
  • Price to claim new plot = $100 (up from $25)
  • Price to claim bonus plots = $100 (up from $25)

Here are the daily taxes:

  • Price Nation Upkeep: $50 (no change)
  • Price Town Upkeep: $5 (down from $25)
  • *NEW* Daily town taxes are now $5 x Each plot you own. E.g., If your town owns 100 plots, you now owe $500 / per day in taxes. If you have something like 4,750 plots, your daily tax will be $23,750. So if you have 20 people in your town, that’s $1,187.5. That’s 23.75 diamonds a day or 296 gold coins.

Here are the town plot max amounts:

  • Town Mayor’s get 8 plots (chunks)
  • Town residents get 6 plots
  • Nations give each additional resident and mayor 2 more plots
  • E.g., If you have a town with 20 residents and 1 mayor you have a total of 128 plots

What Items are banned in Andor?

  • Mystcraft (Used by staff for content creation.)
  • Enhanced Portals 3 (Used by staff for content creation.)
  • Witchery’s Vampirism (It’s too OP.)
  • Player Taglocking (restricted in most cases, but still possible.)
  • CustomNPCs (Used by staff for content creation.)
  • Armourer’s Workshop  (Used by staff for content creation.)

Help! I'm stuck!

When exploring protected areas such as another person’s town or a non-player faction area, watch your step! If you do end up trapped or in a hole, you have two options: ask another player for help or use /suicide to return to your spawn point and then try to retrieve your corpse.

Staff will not teleport you out of stuck locations, so be careful.

I got a curse in witchery and I can't remove it!

Go to one of the major shrines, towns, or cities (such as the Red City of Narquelion) and find one of the Statues of the Goddess near the portals. She will cure you of your affliction.

I lost my stuff. How do I get it back?

When you die, you leave behind a corpse and a marker. Break or loot the corpse to retrieve your items. If it’s not there, try looking nearby or relogging. Corpses can die! There’s always a chance it got killed by a mob or destroyed by natural forces.

The staff does not replace items unless it was caused by a documented server issue.

EEK! I jumped off the Nexus and died! What do?

Don’t do that 🙂

No, we won’t replace your starting items or any gear for that matter.

Find a bug?

If you’ve found a bug go ahead and send us an email at

Have some feedback for us?

We’ll be opening up a forum in the next couple months to handle discussion and feedback. In the mean time, send us a note at