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Server Housekeeping Items

By May 30, 2017Uncategorized

Hey Andor,

We have a few adjustments we’re going to make to the way things work on the server. The two major areas are around in game chat and how we deal with in game issues. The changes we make will be added to the server rules list. Please try to do your best to follow these changes. They help us keep our sanity 😛 I say this a lot, and I am sure you’ve heard it but in case you haven’t: We know Andor isn’t for everyone, and that is totally OK with us. We’re not trying to be the server a thousand people like. We’re trying to be the server a few really love. If you ever find yourself at odds with the choices we make, we understand if you want to find something that better suits you. No hard feelings here.

In Game Chat Changes

Andor is an RP server at its heart. We want to ensure that we create the very best RP environment for our players. Immersion is important and so we think that there should be rules around how we as players chat in game. Mostly, we think there are things that really break immersion. Top of mind is a constant stream of out of character chat going on in global chat.

The biggest thing we’re going to implement is chat formatting. It goes like this:

  • If you’re chatting IN CHARACTER, you chat like normal.
  • If you’re chatting OUT OF CHARACTER you add two parenthesis in front of your text. E.g., ” (( Hey did you see the news today? “

This is a pretty simple change, and will help players know what is and is not role play. It is a little cumbersome. That is intentional and brings me to my second change.

  • Global Chat is not for long conversations anymore. It is a place to say hello, maybe ask a question, or find someone to RP with. The best place is local chat OR preferably in discord general chat for long conversations. We will add this as a Tier 3 rule, which will come with warnings, muting, and lead to bans.
    • Examples of things that are ok in global chat:
      • Saying welcome to new members
      • Asking a single question that can be resolved/followed up on in discord or by meeting up.
      • Looking for players to RP with
      • General coordination that leads toward next steps out of global chat.
    • Examples of things that are NOT ok in global chat:
      • Long conversations
      • Stuff that’s not related to Andor
      • Dialog between multiple players extending beyond 3-4 interaction lines.
      • Tech help or issues.

So what chat channels are there? What’s appropriate? In order to get into and out of a channel, simply type the commands below and press <enter> on the keyboard.

In Game Chat Channels

  • Global Chat (/g) – This is for server wide communication.  If you need to carry on a long conversation, do it in discord, or meet up with the player and do it in local chat. See above for what is ok in this channel.
  • Local Chat (/lc) – This is for your normal everyday conversations. It should be in character. This is a more lenient place for regular chat about whatever you want to chat about. Please use formatting (( when talking out of character. If you want to chat with someone, meet up with them at a local tavern. Go find a place to chat. Do not do it in global. Chat on discord, figure a spot to meet, and then go meet there.
  • Town Chat (/tc) – This is entirely up to your mayor to decide how to use this. But this would be a really good place to chat with your town mates.

Discord Chat Channels

  • General Chat – This is for general chat about anything under the sun within reason, related to Andor. Please do not spam this chat. But your out of character conversations are welcome here.
  • Denizens Chat –  This is ideally for in game / in character chat.
  • Trade Chat – This is for advertising whatever service you provide, stuff you sell, or whatever you’re offering.

This should give everyone a good primer for how to behave with chat. Everyone has about 48 hours to get used to the changes before the executors, arbitors, and tribunes to start enforcing this. We understand if this is somewhat difficult at first, but these are pretty main stream RP rules you’d find in many other games.

In Game Issues

This is a much more simple one. If you encounter a bug or a glitch, please go to our forum and file a ticket under the Ticket category. There is a “how to” post there with what you will need in your ticket post. Please do not ask in game for help. We will always follow up with you when you file a ticket, and the staff will only tell you to go file a ticket.

If you have general tech help questions, please use the Tech Help channel on discord. One of the staff will help you there. Please DO NOT use global chat to talk about issues you’re having. You will get a warning.

We’re hoping this creates a much more smooth in game and out of game process for both the players and the staff by setting proper expectations on how to get help and chat. If you want to discuss it further with us, hit us up in general chat.

Thanks for playing on Andor!



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