Andor is handcrafted and full of wonder.

The world is already built. It’s a defined continent. There is a world border. We have carefully and painstakingly handcrafted the entire continent by hand. There are area’s you won’t be able to access without an armed raiding party. There are area’s you just won’t be able to access without permission from the government who own’s that nation’s land. The world is something like 6,000 x 12,000 blocks large. It’s surrounded by an ocean. The biomes are bigger than normal and that’s by design.

There is a portal system that will lead you out into a part of the world. The world is set up as a survival realm. You will need to provide for yourself over the long term. Things you build will need to be done the hard way. We made this decision mostly because we want things to move at a more realistic pace. Also, because, when you have to pack your things to travel outside of your safe zone, it makes the world all that much bigger and exciting.

The World Map

This is a rough overview of Andor. We’re giving you a sense for the size, its biomes, and the two primary elven nations Eldar and Narquelion. We’re also showing you the location of the two capital cities. Narquelions capital is called “The Red City” and you can conduct most of your trade there. Eldar’s capital city is not currently inhabited, and a spell of silence lingers over it.

The other thing to pay attention to is the Portal locations. This is a direct transit system you access via the Nexus. Everyone spawns in the Nimbus, which is marked on the map. This will port you to the Nexus, which is not of this world. From there you have complete access to all of Andor’s portals. Who will you be? Where will you go? What will you build? Keep it secret. Keep it safe.