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Update on Andor

By September 12, 2017Uncategorized

Hey Andor!

I trust you’re all doing well. I wanted to take a moment to write and let you know what’s happening on our end. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. You may have noticed we’re (Bodhwell & I) not on as much as we used to be. That is not because we’re not working on Andor. We definitely are. We’re all heads down on Andor 2.0.

What is Andor 2.0? Why aren’t you on the server if you’re working on it? When can we expect to see Andor 2.0? What’s wrong with the current Andor, will you make any changes to 1.0? What major changes should we all expect?  All good questions which I will try to answer in this post. So lets start with the top.

What is Andor 2.0?

Andor 2.0 is a large reformatting of Andor. Really though, we’ve always considered Andor to be in Beta. Moving to 2.0 is really moving to LIVE. We’re considering the world to be complete. We will not be adding much by the way of new mods or anything else once it goes live. Just content in the form of quests, NPCs, Bosses, rewards, and that’s it. The map itself is mostly the same, although there are some major adjustments to mature it. We’ve gone back in and finished a bunch of the stuff we were too exhausted to do when we first launched Andor about 6 months ago. I’m not going to do a deep dive into all the individual things we’re updating and changing but will do that in subsequent posts. Here’s the list of topics I will cover in future posts:

  • Professions and Ranks
  • Organizations
  • Classes and class restrictions
  • Races and Racial Starting Hubs
  • Lore, Transmog/Cosmetics, and Chat
  • Map Changes & Nations
  • Ships & New Realms
  • The new Wiki site
  • Role Play

Here’s a little sneak peak at the new Andor 2.0 map

Yep… More water. More distinct continents. These changes are mostly complete already on our test realm. See, I told you that we’re doing stuff.

Why aren’t you on the server if you’re working on it?

It is a lot of work to make major updates to Andor. We don’t  have quite enough time to be on the live server and make all the changes to the new upcoming realm. We took the things we built on the live server from Narquelion, Drakenshire, Wanderlust, Athene’s Rest, Eldar and merged them with the pristine realm. The pristine realm was Andor before anyone played on it. Yep. A full and complete reset. That was a lot of work but reminded us how beautiful Andor used to be. We do Andor in our spare time as a labor of love. So even though you don’t see us as often, we still here working hard on delivering you the final iteration of Andor.

When can we expect to see Andor 2.0?

You didn’t actually think I was going to answer this one did you 😉  It will be done when it’s done. We’re making daily progress on it though. I will say this, once we feel it’s together enough, all current Maesters and above will be invited to help us test out the realm in private. So make sure you’re a positive influence and get promoted!

What’s wrong with the current Andor, will you make any changes to 1.0?

Nothing is wrong with Andor 1.0. We’ve had almost 15,000 unique downloads, almost 50,000 installs, and plays, and now up to 31 likes. But more importantly, we have a thriving community which is what matters most to us. You guys make the game. Andor has already surpassed Bodhwell and I’s wildest expectations success wise. We’ve met some incredible people we now consider to be IRL friends. We even have our own MEMES. Fets Manog anyone? NAN?

In order to deliver Andor 2.0 to you more quickly, we’ve decided to halt progress or updates to 1.0 for now. We’re still around, in discord, and will help you out when you have issues. But our focus is entirely on getting Andor 2.0 ready.

What major changes should we all expect?

I’m going to drop some bombs here. You may not like them at first but I want you to keep in mind that we have always said, Andor isn’t for everyone and that we’re ok if it is not for you. We’re black licorice, not vanilla ice cream. Meaning we’re a very specific thing, delivering on a specific promise for RP lovers. We’re not the server for everyone who just loves Minecraft. I always want to remind you that the journey is what matters. Enjoy playing on the server today. Immerse yourself in building and creation, in RP and community building in your towns. That’s what matters.

When we launch Andor 2.0, we will be resetting the entire server to new. That is right, everyone starts over. I know that seems really extreme, but due to the nature of the things we’re doing with classes, races, and professions, we need to start with a fresh slate. We always said we would do a server restart roughly 6-7 months into beta. Well, we’re right on track. Does this mean you will lose your stuff? Yes. Does this mean you will start from scratch? Thaumcraft progress and all? Yes. WTFOMGIMDYING.  Yes I understand. It is for the best. There will be new things to understand about what mages can wear or not wear. Archers may be the only ones who get access to advanced bows. Tanks may be the only ones able to wear thaumium fortress armor. There are lots of serious changes to gameplay happening and everyone will need to relearn how to play Andor.

That leads me to my last bombshell. The overworld itself will be in a non-breakable state unless you claim a town. That’s right, no one will be able to break blocks outside a claim. Anywhere. Certain blocks yes, but mostly no. Why? WTF? Well, we think that the noob poles which litter the countryside are really really unimmersive and have besmirched the entire landscape. It’s obscene. We think Andor in its natural state is beautiful and the reality is, players, play for a couple months and then mostly go. Or they come on for a couple days, build noob poles all over and then leave. This makes it bad for the dedicated players. Towny is awesome in that it keeps you protected and then reverts anything you did, back to its natural state when you leave so the next player can come and experience that sense of awe at that perfect location. We will be drastically lowering the cost of buying a town and a nation, but seriously increase the cost of buying additional plots and outposts. Meaning we want you to make towns and nations easily, but expansion requires population growth.

Wrapping Up

I hope this gives you some insight into our thinking and progress. I know some of it is pretty controversial. While we will not change the decisions we’ve made, we are open to discussing them with you on Discord. So if you have questions or thoughts or whatever speak up. Just keep it respectful, please.

We’re excited about Andor’s future and I am excited to get into the deep dives in future posts.

Until next time, thanks for reading.



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